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  1. Kelsey Hammond

    I have been learning about collagen a lot through a Facebook skincare group. One of my friends posted about another product from this site so I had to look into the others. I’ve been using this kit for a week now and I love it. I see a visible difference in my skin tone and my husband said I have a glow.

  2. Brittany

    This are amazing, collagen based made my skin glow and just look plum and dewey. So far I like them a lot. my face really looks amazing, strong and good amount of serum. They are good for the skin, have tried 6 nights in a row and noticed my skin looks amazing. They smell good, feel good, have enough serum to use on my neck, arms and elbows and stay to the skin, since I have used one every night, yeah don’t judge currently obsessing with sheet masks, my skin looks radiant and super moisturized. So I love it will be buying more in the future! Happy with these masks. Thanks!

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